Your long term
vision is at risk.

Our long term vision
is to reduce your risk
of glaucoma blindness.


More than 50% of close relatives of people with severe vision loss from glaucoma are at risk of developing glaucoma during their lifetime.


Eye checks for glaucoma should
occur every 2 years. This may be more frequent if you show suspicious signs of glaucoma. 

If you are due for a check or have not been
checked before,
it is time to make an appointment.

Have your eyes checked by an optometrist and
advise them you have a family member with glaucoma; or
Ask your GP for a referral to a private ophthalmologist; or
Ask your GP for a referral to an ophthalmology clinic
at a public hospital.


To get involved, or to get more information, you can speak to Glaucoma Australia or ANZRAG.

If you would like to provide a DNA sample to the Australian and New Zealand Registry of Advanced Glaucoma please call 08 8404 2035 or email info@anzrag.com.

If you would like more information regarding glaucoma or how to arrange an eye check please call Glaucoma Australia on 1800 500 880 or email glaucoma@glaucoma.org.au


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